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    Cheeto’s New Basket

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    Cheeto’s new basket
    Cheeto’s new basket is getting broken in. Way before the lockdowns there were these things called silent auctions at charities to fundraise. My 50s something women’s’ group went to a cat rescue ranch. I bid on way too many things, but it was for the kitties. This basket came packed with all kinds of decorative fun things. I bid on it for the bird feeder made of plates and cups. The basket itself was lagniappe, a bit of something extra. Cheeto came to us as an injured semi-feral kitty. He adores my husband, but still occasionally bites or scratches him. His love is not easily won. Cheeto finally got the basket, padded with a soft towel and a hope he’ll learn to trust us completely. He allows me to sit near and that’s enough for now.