Taking A Break and Breadmaking

I’ve lost valuable time with my Facebook obsession. With all the time I’ve spent on it, dozens of books could have been written. Earlier this weekend I unpublished my Facebook profile and curtailed my time wasting there.

The result has been more time for walks with my now retired husband, more writing done, a new project I’m trying at NaNoWriMo, and rediscovering my dusty old bread machine.

(At the present moment a lovely machine made French bread is stuck in the pan.🙄)

So crusty, so heavenly scented. So. Stuck. Time to just let it cool and see if chemistry and physics do their job.

This was the 1 1/2 size loaf; thank goodness I used caution for once and started out small.

If you’d like the recipe, which isn’t mine, find it here:

Breadman Classic French Bread

Searching for the breadcrumb trail I seem to have lost.